Creating Energy Responsibility for All and Building a Sustainable Future

Our Efforts on a Sustainable Future.

Since our first project in the 1970's till what is happening to our earth now in 2013, it is obvious we all need to do what we can to create a sustainable future. We have compiled a very comprehensive and innovative team of professionals to reach our optimum potential. We have always taken the generation of energy very seriously and have become one of the top solar design companies in the country and as one of the pioneers in this ever changing industry DSP, Inc. is confident in designing the best system possible for your town/city, business or home.

Accomplishments and Designs by Type

Leaving your vehicle in the sun is not ever a good thing and evenings are more secure with lighting and security cameras where you need them..

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Ground Mounted Array
Solar Carport structures

Get a glimpse of your future power generation and usage with our easy access monitor equipment. You’ll also find yourself becoming more aware of the energy your business consumes daily..

Five most common reasons to have your building generating the power it needs to operate. Don't downsize, manage your power overhead and become more profitable and responsible..

Residential/Commercial Rooftop

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